Cheap Laptops Buying Tips That You Already Know

Sunday, July 4, 2010 Posted by Faraz Khan
The problem with cheap laptops is that you never know what you are gonna get, like I mean the laptop may look perfect but after you bring it home you find yourself to be disappointed. So that is why you have to do your proper research before going out or online to buy from the huge variety of cheap laptops. That is why im just going to write some tips here for the very new shoppers, for the rest of you this post most probably will annoy you and will appear extremely lame.

List-a-Lot: Im sure not all of you are hardcore gamers and not all are casual browsers. So everyone's expectations from their laptops are different. So before buying a laptop make a list of the things you will need a laptop for. (This tip was so obvious that I dont even know why I mentioned this here.)

Game Much? Like I mentioned in the above tip you should buy the laptop according to your needs. If you are a gamer then obviously an Intel Celeron laptop will not work for you even if it is one of the cheapest laptops you could find, similarly for gaming purposes you will need a dedicated graphics chip and s whole lot of RAM.
If you don't play games on your laptop then yours will definitely be a cheap laptop, even the very basic specifications will be more than enough for you. For the non-gamers buying a core 2 duo laptop with 4GB RAM and a dedicated graphics chip will be a waste of money. (Reality Tip: If you are a gamer and are looking for cheap gaming laptops then you should stop right here because gaming laptops are not cheap, they're just not. If you do find an extremely cheap gaming laptop the chances are that its defective and might explode in your lap.)

Watch your Budget: Laptops are now available in different prices. So you should choose for a laptop that is within your low budget and not look at the skies when buying a laptop. It will only disappoint and hurt you. Seriously I've been through this before when you have a low budget dont even go to the expensive section. Just discretely note down the models of the expensive laptops and use Google to check them out. This method is tested and it keeps your self esteem high.

Use Online Shops: I've already mentioned the benefits of online shopping and I'm sure most of my readers are already aware of the other benefits ;) So I wont mention them here again.

Do Your Research: At this point I don't have anything else to write about and I'll just keep on repeating the same stuff I already mentioned in this article. So if you read till here then I believe that I have wasted quite a lot of your time and won't waste any more of it. If you want to read some actual cheap laptops or refurbished laptops articles then read the articles below. I wrote this because I had nothing else to write about the topic of this blog. Hope I didnt annoy you too much :)

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