Cheap Refurbished Laptops Standards

Sunday, July 4, 2010 Posted by Faraz Khan
A repaired laptop cannot be called a refurbished laptop. All companies have different methods of restoring their laptops. Having said that they also maintain a certain standard and have to strictly follow it. A laptop once returned to the company goes through multiple stages before it can be placed in the market again. Below I will explain each step of the repair process and after such a process it is very rare to find a defective refurbished laptop.

  • Examination of All Hardware Components: The first thing the company does when they get a laptop back is to check all of the hardware components. They try to determine what caused the customer to send it back. Every component is carefully checked and when a faulty component is located they simply replace that component with a new one. Thus completely eliminating the problem.
  • Diagnostics and Performance Tests: Once the laptop is up and running with the new hardware and replaced components they rigorously test the machine. During this time the laptop operates at maximum load for extended periods of time. A defective laptop will never be able to operate at full load for extended periods so through this test they confirm that the laptop is no longer defective.
  • Cleanup and Scratch Repair: Before packing the laptop is cleaned up. They remove any dirt or fingerprints and bring the laptop to a new glossy condition. In this stage they also repair any scratches or marks that have been formed by the previous owner or during the repair process. Finally the laptop is sent to packaging where they box up the laptop and send it back to the market where it is sold as cheap refurbished laptop.

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