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Sunday, July 4, 2010 Posted by Faraz Khan
After covering all the topics related to laptops Im now gonna dedicate some posts to netbooks only and how you can get cheap netbooks. Also in this short introductory post i'll point out some of the basic differences between netbooks and laptops.

Netbooks, also known as mini laptops or mini notebooks have rapidly gained popularity over the past few months. And one of the main reasons for this is the addition of Hybrid support in netbooks. Before netbooks used to come with only solid state drives (SSD) so the hard drive would be either 4 GB or 8GB but now with hybrid support netbooks can support SSD drives along with conventional 2.5" 160GB or 250GB drives.

Netbooks or refurbished netbooks are smaller, inexpensive and lighter versions of their laptop versions. Some of the main differences of are:

Weight and Size: These are basically the main selling factors for netbooks, light weight and small size. All cheap netbooks have to be light and small. It is because of this they fall in the netbook category. Netbooks are very light they usually weigh around just 3 pounds. And their size is determined by their screen dimensions. Screen dimensions vary from 8.9" to 10.1". The 10.1" is more popular because it can support higher desktop resolutions.

Minimal Hardware: Netbooks are not meant to be powerful processing machines. They only have the bare minimum hardware. Just enough to get the job done or they are just enough for regular daily applications. Don't expect any netbook to support any of the latest games. Netbooks don't come with optical drives, the reason for this is that in such a small casing there is no space to fit the optical drive. There are also no internal modems or any expansion slots.

Weak Processor: Almost all netbooks come with an Intel Atom processor. This processor is very weak and is designed to handle all of the daily or regular applications such as firefox, thundebird, pidgin, etc.

Affordable: I wont say that netbooks are cheap their price tag has reached those of the budget line laptops. But for the benefits they give such as portability and longer battery life they are considered cheap and affordable.

Whether you want to buy a laptop or netbook that depends entirely on how you are going to use that machine. Will it be for heavy tasks and multi-tasking or do you want to have portability. Sadly you cant have both so you have to choose.

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