Notion Ink Adam First Look Review

Monday, March 1, 2010 Posted by Faraz Khan
Last week the Times of India published a video with Rohan Sharavan Notion Ink co-founder who is showing off what is being called a “final” version of what-apples-ipad-should-have-been Adam tablet. This tablet can easily overcome any cheap laptops if marketed properly. The video has some nice close-ups of the unit, but it still doesn’t seem like the production version (and I hope not as part of the screen bezel comes off mid-interview). But this is what the final version should look like in terms of “look and feel” and that the device should launch first in the US in June. He also claims that the device will last for more than 10 hours doing 1080p video output.

Some of its specs are:

The Notion Ink device is due in late June 2010.

1) Pixel Qi screen: 160 hours of battery life in B/W mode.
2) Expansion slots: USB, HDMI and SD card slot.
3) 3.2 MP Swivel Auto Focus Camera.
4) Flash Acceleration
5) Multitouch
6) 3G/Wifi/Bluetooth - AGPS

Will run Android/ Ubuntu / Chrome

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